by Michelle Obama




  • Meeting Barack Obama

    Michelle was a lawyer at 25 years old, working for a firm called Sidley & Austin in Chicago, Illinois. It was at this firm that she met Barack Obama. He was 3 years older than her, but had not yet finished law school, and was interning with the firm for the summer. Barack was the total opposite of M

  • First Lady

    Being the First Lady came with expectations. Previous First Ladies stood by their husband's sides, smiling and supporting, but did not interfere with the presidential work. Michelle did not want to waste her opportunity. She was determined to use the power she had, subtly but effectively, while also

  • It is easy to be taken out of context.

    When Barack Obama decided to run for President, Michelle didn't think he could possibly win. By allowing Barack to run for president, Michelle knew she was thrusting their family, especially herself, into the spotlight. If he won, she would be expected to look and act a certain way as the First Lady

  • Sacrifices must be made in order to have a family.

    Michelle constantly felt the pressures of the world: the pressure to prove her race did not define her but empowered her; the pressure to prove women were smart and important, and that they belonged in the workforce; the pressure to achieve what those before her could not. Constantly asking herself,

  • Finding Comfort in the Familiar

    Michelle had always dealt with what other people thought of her, because of the way she talked, looked, acted, and, eventually, because of who she married. Being a black woman at Princeton was not the first time she had felt different, but it was a striking difference, nonetheless. It was as if pe

  • Opportunity is everywhere!

    Michelle Obama accepted every opportunity she was presented. As a young Princeton college student, she began a work-study as the assistant to the director of the Third World Center, a foundation that had been founded to help support students of color. Princeton was a predominantly white campus, so t

  • Striving

    Michelle Obama is an example of someone who made the most with her opportunities. Black families in the 60s and 70s, while free from slavery themselves, had family members whose parents had been slaves. Most black families during that time still felt like second-class citizens, and though Michelle's

  • It's possible to become anything

    'Becoming' is the life story of Michelle Obama, a humbling journey of growth, discovery, and above all, perseverance. The book begins with her childhood, walks through her years of schooling, meeting Barack Obama, and eventually depicts what life looked like through the eyes of the First Lady of t

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