Books That Will Make You Cry

Sometimes a good cry is a key to happiness, despite what you might be inclined to think. Crying has a lot of benefits, it is a great outlet for anger, sadness and pretty much any negative thoughts and energy we may keep bottled up. It doesn’t always come naturally though. If you’re looking for a release and need a little help, choosing one of these books that will make you cry might be exactly what you need. 

Sad books that make you cry are not only meant to provide you with a good cry. More often than not, they present heartwarming, wholesome stories we have a lot to learn from. Whether it’s how to deal with the love of your life not sharing your passion, a heroic story about friendship and loyalty, or a good old-fashioned drama, there are many life lessons within. 

Our list of books that will make you cry consists of a tremendous variety of stories and genres and are a perfect choice for a rainy afternoon and a cup of tea. Add your favorites to the Basmo reading list and cry your heart out. You’ll love it.

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