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This app is such a great motivator! I love it!

Mindyok18, App store

I’m trying to read more and this app is everything I need.

AlwaysLoveRenée, App store

Basmo App

An amazing app that fetched miraculous changes by making me a reader

Aditya Jaiswal, App store

Great app if you’re serious about leveling yourself up through reading!

ValentinRa, App store

Reading is your strength.
Basmo turns it into a superpower.

Keep a reading journal

All great reviews start with one thought written down. Feed your urge to scribble ideas on the edges of a page. But do it digitally.

Keep a reading journal
Highlight on the go

Highlight on the go

Never lose an inspiring quote again. Scan and highlight your favorite passages as you read. It’s like taking a selfie of your inner reader.

Take note of your emotions

Not all books are equal. Some will teach you things, others stir your feelings. Track your entire reading experience on an emotional level and take a moment to reflect on the ride.

Take note of your emotions
Keep the books you read on your own digital shelf

Keep the books you read on your own digital shelf

It’s an universal truth that bookworms love book lists. So, keep track of books you finished or those you are currently reading. Make TBRs lists. Keep everything organized, just like the books on your shelves.

Read more every year

Your reading goals are achieved one page at a time. Set your yearly goal, Basmo gives you the daily steps you need to make to achieve it and tracks your progress. As simple as reading a book.

Read more every year
Improve your reading habit

Improve your reading habit

It starts with a small step: track the time you spend with your nose buried in a book. Then, look at your overall progress. And why not inspire others to read more, by sharing your reading stats.

Unlock your reading powers!

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More features

Track your reading time

Start your reading time with Basmo and you have an overview of your reading habit that you can then improve.

Set your routine

Create your personalized reading schedule to help you easily tackle your goals one page at a time.

Get gentle reminders

New day, new page. We’ll motivate you to keep those pages turning every single day.

Design your own quotes

Found a new favorite quote? Save, edit, and even share them as images with friends online.

Reading streaks

Be a serial reader. Don’t let a day pass by without opening a book. Basmo keeps track of your daily reading progress.

Dark mode is here

Designed to reduce eye strain, Basmo’s dark mode allows you to take notes without your phone screen lighting up the whole room.

Set bookmarks

Losing bookmarks are a thing of the past. Always start reading exactly on the page and passage you left at.

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