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Easily transfer your notes from Amazon Kindle to our reading tracker app in just a few taps. Keep all your notes, highlights, and reading stats in one place.

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The Kindle note export feature has been a game-changer for me. Now I can easily transfer all my highlights to Basmo.

Mindyok18, App Store

I used to spend hours copying my Kindle notes into a separate document, but with the Kindle note export feature, it’s so much easier.

Aditya Jaiswal, App Store

As an avid reader, I always have tons of notes, but with Basmo’s Kindle export feature, I never lose track of them.

AlwaysLoveRenée, App Store

Effortlessly Export
Highlights from Kindle

With Basmo, exporting highlights from Kindle is not only possible, but it is also effortless and facile. We designed our app to meet all the needs of the modern reader, and that means embracing every aspect of your reading habits.

All Your Highlights
in One Place

Keeping all your highlights and notes in one place is going to be a great way to stay well-organized and to find the information you need more easily.

An Effortless Way to
Export Kindle Notes

Regardless of how complex your collection of Kindle highlights and notes is, you can import them to Basmo with just a couple of taps.

Export Kindle Highlights

Never Lose Your
Highlights and Notes

Once you export highlights from Kindle, they will remain stored in your account, within the relevant books forever.

Save Time Transferring
Your Notes

Manually transferring your Kindle notes can be time-consuming. With Basmo, you spend less time organizing and more time reading.

Kindle highlights are probably one of the most incredible things you generally enjoy when using the Kindle app. By tapping, holding, and dragging while reading within the Kindle app, you can highlight parts of the text, edit, and save them so you can revisit them at later times. 

While that is obviously a great thing, we all know that the Kindle has its limitations. And if you’ve been using it for a long time and decided to track your reading with a different app like Basmo, you will need to learn how to export Amazon Kindle highlights.

How to Export Kindle Highlights
and Notes With Basmo

Whether you’re trying to export Kindle notes or highlights, Basmo makes the task incredibly easy. All you need to do is follow a couple of simple steps and the whole process will be done within seconds.

  1. Open the Basmo app
  2. Scroll down until you reach the list of Book Collections
  3. Tap on the list named Kindle
  4. On the next screen, tap on Connect Kindle
  5. Log in to your Amazon account using your registered email address and password
  6. Your books, highlights, and notes are getting instantly synchronized.

And you’re done! It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can go another route and synchronize your Amazon highlights and books from the Settings menu in the Basmo app.

Regardless of the way you choose to go about doing this, it will be very easy to download highlights and notes from Kindle through the Basmo app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Export My Kindle Highlights to Basmo?

Yes. Exporting your Kindle highlights and notes to Basmo is not only possible but actually ideal. You give yourself a chance to explore reading as a completely different experience, while also staying up to date with your own notes and highlights.

2. How Can I Export Kindle Highlights to Basmo?

To export Kindle highlights to Basmo, open the Basmo app, go to the list of Book Collections, tap on “Kindle,” connect your Kindle account by logging in with your Amazon email and password, and your books, highlights, and notes will be automatically synced.

3. Which Kindle Versions Do You Support?

Our app comes with no limitations in terms of the Kindle version this functionality is available. Regardless of the Kindle version you use, you will be able to import your highlights and notes from Kindle in just a couple of taps.

Export Your Kindle Highlights to Basmo Now!

Get all your notes and highlights in one place and always stay on top of your reading habits!
It’s easy, fun, and facile!

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