About us

You know that ‘A-ha!’ feeling you get when you’re reading a great book?

That feeling is what started Basmo – the app created to help you turn those ‘A-ha’ moments into shareable words of wisdom.

Why? Because sometimes it’s easy to forget even the information we find most interesting and feel as though the books we read are hard to process, no matter how important they actually are.

We wanted to create a better way to transform your “need-to-know” into “need-to-share” and create a whole new reading experience. Share your passion for reading with a great community of like-minded book-lovers who are just as curious about

life as you are.

Out of ideas? Looking for a new book to read? Get inspired! Enjoy a vast library of book summaries, ideas and quotes shared by our amazing community of readers.

Download Basmo and power up your reading experience!

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Drop us an email at hello@basmo.app