Become a Verified Creator on Basmo

We’ve created Basmo to be a platform where you can get all the knowledge any book has to offer, enabling you to not only learn more but also share your own perspectives with a deeply passionate community.

Our Verified Creator program is an initiative to further push the boundaries of that knowledge and perspective, allowing people from anywhere in the world to read and discuss the most influential books out there.

What are the benefits of becoming a Verified Creator:

  • Have early access to Basmo’s book stories platform
  • Be recognized in the community with a Verified Creator badge
  • Be prioritized on the Discover page
  • Become a book influencer by creating content and making money by reading books
  • Become part of a selected community of Basmo creators

How to become a Verified Creator:

  • Create an account on Basmo
  • Apply to the Verified Creator program and wait for our team contact you
  • Get access to the Story platform
  • Do what you do best: read books
  • Publish your book stories on the Discover page
  • Share your stories with a community of passionate readers
  • Make money


  • Create book stories. The more you read and create, the more popular you become as a book influencer, meaning higher earnings.
  • Make sure you follow our guidelines for book story creation, here.

Note: Our Verified Creator program is currently running in Beta, so please be aware that some features might change in the future.