Reasons Why Books Are Important

Why Books Are Important

As passionate readers, we rarely give much thought to the importance of books. We enjoy them and the benefits they provide, but we rarely ask ourselves why books are important. 

Well, things look a little different to those who are trying to improve their reading habits and constantly struggle to read more and more effectively. Those who read with a clear purpose are the ones who generally ask difficult questions while trying to motivate themselves to become better. 

Here at Basmo, we take every aspect of books and reading very seriously and we are highly motivated to help you understand why books play an important role in our society and why you should always push yourself to become a better reader. 

Are books important?

There is no way around it. Yes, books are important. Not only are they important, we consider them to be essential. If you think about it, their role in our lives is a lot more than being a source of relaxing entertainment. We use books throughout our lives from an early age and they play a very important role in our mental development. 

A great deal of the information we acquire throughout our lives comes from books. From the basic things we learn as toddlers when our parents read books to us before bed, to the information we learn in college that is eventually going to end up shaping our careers and livelihood later in life, most of our learning is done from books. 

Granted, nowadays there are many other learning tools, like animations or video tutorials, but books are nevertheless of great importance.

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Why are books important?

The great thing about books is that their importance goes way beyond the tangible information we learn or the skills we acquire through reading. Books can change the way we see the world, they can have an impact on how society works, and they can provide us with a huge series of health benefits. Let’s go over some of the most relevant aspects of the importance of books. 

Why are books important to society?

Historically, books have played a very important role in how countries and societies develop. Books can change a whole generation’s perception of what society should look like. They can teach people how to act, how to react to changes, and they can shape our perspective regarding important aspects of our daily lives. 

Books provide us with important life lessons, they teach us to be more empathetic, open our eyes in regard to the problems our world is facing, and push us to think for ourselves. They shape our minds, make us more creative, and they improve our critical thinking. A society of readers is a smarter society, a lot harder to control, and will always understand how to defend their needs. 

Books contain important information about our past. A society that understands its history, that knows what its ancestors fought for and how they achieved the things they needed in the past is a lot more likely to also shape a successful future. 

Why are books important for students?

It goes without saying that books are essential for students. They contain most of the information they will require in order to learn everything they are supposed to. As I mentioned before, alternative learning materials are available these days, but they cannot replace textbooks. 

Not only do books actually provide the necessary learning material, but another reason why books are important in the learning process is how they shape our minds. Reading has a ton of benefits for our mental health and the way our brains work. Books teach us to use logic, think critically, and push to retain more of what we read. The process of learning from books involves developing the ability to summarize the content and extract the key elements from it.    

Why are fiction books important?

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, fiction books are extremely important to us. They provide us with a healthy alternative to other entertainment sources, they help us relax after a long day and they are a great way of escaping our daily lives and problems and exploring parallel universes as seen by the author. 

Fiction books help us become more empathetic by presenting life stories and events we would normally never encounter in our regular lives. They make us wonder, they push us to put ourselves in the hero’s shoes and to try and imagine how and why we would react if we were in their place. 

Not only that, but they have an important role in developing our vocabularies and communication skills. We get to read interesting dialogues on a huge variety of topics and they also give us a sneak peek into different characters’ ways of thinking. Understanding how and why certain fictitious characters act a certain way can give us a better perspective on how others think in real life. This will make it easier for us to relate to others, to communicate with them in a way that is efficient for our purposes, and to better understand the human condition in general.

Why are non-fiction books important?

Non-fiction books are based on facts. They provide the ultimate learning material, whether it’s a new skill we’re trying to develop or simply finding out more about our history. Non-fiction books contain relevant and complete information on pretty much any topic you can think of. 

They are used throughout our school years and provide the material that is required for our success. We use them to learn more about how our world works, how to perform certain tasks, or to find out about our past. As adults, non-fiction books can help us quite a lot too.

Self-help books can help us learn to overcome certain conditions or teach us how to improve on our flaws. Books about historic events can change our perspective about our past, who we are, and where we come from. Specialized books can teach us important skills in different industries that can later help us in our careers. There is quite a lot for us to gain from learning to enjoy non-fiction books.

Why are classic books important?

Classic books have become classics for a reason. The fact that people still read them sometimes centuries after they have been written is a testament to their quality and value. Whether it’s the way they were written, the impact they had on society at the time of their initial release, or simply the fact that the story they tell is as worthy of our attention today as it was a couple hundred years ago, classic books are always a must-read.

They are usually representative titles in their respective genre and they had a huge influence on the books that were subsequently written. Classic books should never be overlooked and their importance in our reading habits should always be seen as a priority. There is a lot we can learn and understand from classic books.

Why are fantasy books important?

Fantasy books provide us with alternative universes we can escape to whenever we feel overwhelmed with our own reality. They stimulate our imagination, push us to think outside the box and improve our ability to relate to other people.

The importance of fantasy books is not limited to the way they can improve our way of thinking. They are simply a fun way to spend our time, they can fascinate us, and they can help us relax after a long day. They help us disconnect from the stressors of our day-to-day lives, they can improve our mental state, and they can help us reduce the negative effects of stress. 

Why are comic books important?

While most readers don’t necessarily consider them an important part of their reading experience, comic books are definitely not to be overlooked. Especially for children, they can provide a healthy alternative to reading regular books. The visual aids they come packed with, and the fact that illustrations are eye-catching and relevant to the text can help a child who is not a big fan of reading get into it a lot easier. 

Comic books are fun, entertaining, relaxing, and easy to read. That being said, they are not only a great choice for children. Adults are more than welcome to enjoy them and there are many benefits to be enjoyed. 

Why are philosophical books important?

Philosophical books tackle the most controversial topics and present the author’s own perspective. They can change the way entire generations look at ethical problems, they can shape trends, and actually make our world a better place. 

Some of the most brilliant minds we were lucky enough to share the world with were philosophers. They had different ways of looking at our lives and the world in general and they expressed their own perspectives through books that are still influencing the way we think now, hundreds of years later. 

Reading philosophical books can have a huge impact on your life. You can gain a better understanding of what makes us important in this world, you can learn how to enjoy life, or what it takes to make the world a better place. 

How to embrace the importance of books with Basmo

What is the importance of books? Books shape our minds, the world we live in, and the societies we are a part of. But how can we actually make sure to take full advantage of the benefits they have to offer? Reading more books is a way to go, being a more effective reader is another. Luckily, Basmo is a reading tool that can help you with both. A reading tracking app like Basmo can help you improve your reading habits and become a better, more mindful reader. Here’s how.

With Basmo, you can set your own reading goals 

Having clear goals is important as a reader. Whether you want to spend more time reading every day or if you simply want to get through more books in a year, Basmo can help. 

Setting goals within the app is quick and easy and you actually get a chance to select a certain number of titles you want to read through within a year or a certain number of minutes you want to spend reading every day. 

Your progress is tracked and mapped with illustrations in a comprehensive manner that will make it a lot easier for you to understand how close you are to actually meeting your own requirements.

You can use Basmo to get yourself more organized 

Being organized is a very important way for readers to improve their habits and efficiency. Basmo encourages you to create a reading schedule. 

The scheduling feature is completely flexible and easily customizable, and it allows you to select different days of the week and different times of day for each reading session. That way you can easily work around your regular routine to find the right time for reading sessions. You also get a gentle reminder every time a scheduled reading session is upcoming, so you never forget about them and skip them.

You can create reading lists 

Keeping your TBR list well organized is essential. Luckily, Basmo encourages you to separate your reading lists into as many categories as you please.

On top of the predefined lists you can populate within the app, you are welcome to create and customize others according to your preferences. You can, for example, create different lists for your fiction and non-fiction.

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Final thoughts about the importance of books

Now that you have a good understanding of why books are important, it is time to put everything you learned about the importance of books into practice. Get Basmo, get your reading properly organized, and become a more efficient and successful reader. Today.

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