Is Reading a Hobby? Reading as a Pastime Activity

Is Reading a Hobby

When we think about reading, there is so much that comes to mind: it’s an essential learning tool, a great pastime activity, a form of entertainment, or simply something we tend to do whenever we get in the mood to do it. But is reading a hobby? Or is it something else, more important and more deeply seeded in our DNA? 

Humans have been reading for close to 5,000 years, can we say that our species has had a hobby for almost five millennia? Our team at Basmo is dedicated to learning everything there is to know about reading in general, so here is what our research comes down to when we discuss reading as a hobby.

Is reading a hobby?

Yes, generally speaking, reading can be a hobby. If we look at the definition of a hobby – “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” – we can’t help but notice that reading does check pretty much all the boxes in what constitutes a hobby. 

We do read regularly, we tend to do it in our spare time, and it brings us pleasure. So if we look at it strictly from a technical standpoint, yes, reading is definitely a hobby.

The interesting thing about reading is that unlike any other hobbies we usually think of, it is a lot more complex and has a lot more implications in our lives. Unlike any other pastime activity we can think of, reading is limitless.

Reading is an amazing learning tool, a relaxation tool, it has healing powers, and it can extend our life expectancy. While reading is, for some, just a hobby, or something to do when they have some time on their hands, for others, reading is a powerful tool meant to help them achieve whatever they feel is missing from their lives. 

Is reading a good hobby?

Yes. Having reading as a hobby is pretty great. There is quite a lot to gain from having good reading habits and a clear intent to use reading for your own benefit.

Nowadays, with stress being a constantly growing global issue, having any hobby is a pretty great idea. Hobbies are generally good for our mental health, they can help reduce stress, and even alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Whether it’s reading, collecting stamps, driving go-karts, or listening to music, hobbies are going to help you get through the most stressful times.

Reading is the best hobby if you ask us. Every single one of us on the team at Basmo has dedicated a lot of time and resources to find out just how amazing reading is and our product proudly displays our passion for this amazing hobby. More on that later below.

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Why is reading a good hobby?

What exactly makes reading a good hobby? Well, let’s see what a good hobby means in general. For a hobby to be good for you, it needs to check a couple of boxes: does it relax you, do you enjoy spending time cultivating this hobby, can you afford it, and is it bringing any extra benefits to your life?

What I mean by that is that for a hobby to be good for you, you need to try it out and make sure it really is exactly as you think it is. For example, you may think yachting will be a great hobby for you: you love boats, you enjoy spending time at sea, in the open air letting the sun and win cuddle your whole body. You decide to buy a boat and start going out at sea, only to later find out that boat maintenance and every trip are a lot more expensive than you initially thought. Even though the activity in itself is bringing you joy, it can lead to an additional stress factor (financial) in your life.

Similarly, you may think building models may seem appealing only to later find out that you are actually pretty bad at it and you can’t seem to make your models look the way you want. This can lead to frustration, basically voiding all the benefits of having a hobby.

Now, let’s take a look at reading as a hobby. Can it really ever become a stressor or a frustrating thing in your life? Not really. Books are relatively cheap, they come with no hidden, additional expenses. Reading is an activity that requires little to no effort, so there is no chance for you to ever become too old to be able to enjoy it.

Moreover, reading can never get boring. Considering the huge number of books out there, your chances of ever really ending up with “nothing to read” are practically zero. There are countless genres and authors for you to explore and find your favorites. As time passes, if you outgrow a specific genre or simply get bored with it, there is always something else for you to move on to. 

On top of this, there is a lot for you to gain regardless of the type of reading you decide to do. Whether you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction, the huge number of reading benefits you can enjoy is certainly making it a more attractive hobby than collecting timestamps. There is a lot you can learn through reading, it can make you happier, more empathetic, and it can even prolong your life. It can hardly get any better than this when it comes to hobbies.

How to make reading a hobby?

If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby and feel like reading might be the right one for you, that is a great first step towards making it happen. If you are not used to having healthy reading habits or you are just not that into reading at the moment, do not worry. There are ways this can get changed and there is a whole lot for you to gain from making a couple of small tweaks.

First of all, you need to understand that making reading a hobby has to start with a change in your mindset. Unless you are already an avid reader, chances are you are unfortunately struggling with moving on past the idea that reading feels like a chore.

Very few have a natural ability to see reading as a form of entertainment and not as something “they need to do” or a boring activity. The sooner you realize how fun, entertaining, and healthy it is to read, the sooner you will see that reading has nothing to do with chores. 

If you want your reading to become a hobby, you will need to find ways to make it as enjoyable as possible. Find a comfortable place to do your reading, find some of the books that are best suited for you to get yourself started, and do everything in your power to make the experience as fun and pleasurable as possible.

Engaging in mindful reading can make a huge difference in how you experience it. Forcing yourself to always be in the moment, to enjoy every word, every sentence, every page you read, and understanding how the reading is impacting your life and way of thinking, is almost guaranteed to get you hooked on having the best hobby in the world: reading.

Since we love reading so much, our app shows it. Basmo, the best reading tracking app out there, is designed to meet all the needs of a modern reader, including the ones you will definitely need if you want to make reading your hobby. 

Here’s what’s in store for you if you choose to use Basmo:


Just like any other healthy habit, reading will need some structure when it is introduced into your daily routine. Basmo encourages you to set a clear schedule for your reading sessions and the scheduling is completely customizable to meet your needs. 

You can choose the days of the week when you want to read and even different times of day for each session. On top of this, the app will also remind you through gentle notifications of any upcoming reading sessions so you don’t miss a single one of them.

Reading lists

The books you choose to read will play a huge role in how enjoyable your new hobby is going to be. That is why Basmo comes fully prepared to allow you to create countless lists, even personalized ones.

If you want to separate your pleasure reading from the reading you do with a clear intent to learn new things, for example, you can create separate reading lists for each category so you never waste any time wondering what to read.


Any good hobby gets a whole lot better if you add some nifty stats to an activity you already love. Basmo tracks all the reading you are doing, creating tons of statistics to show you a clear picture of the kind of reader you are. 

How much you read, how often, and how quickly are important KPIs you should look at in your reading reports, so you can constantly improve.

Reading journal

Keeping a reading journal is a great idea if you want to turn your reading into a hobby. That way you can constantly jot down your feelings, and how certain books make you feel, and it will give your reading a new dimension, making it a more wholesome experience. You can then easily go back and re-read your thoughts and experiences.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot for you to gain from having reading as a hobby, and even more so if you choose to read with Basmo. 

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Final thoughts

Is reading a hobby? Well, it can be if you want it to. But reading is so much more than just a hobby, something we do when we have some free time to unwind. Reading can be a healthy hobby, it will fill a lot of evenings with joy, interesting adventures, and wholesome experiences.

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