Making the decision to grow spiritually is a powerful step towards a fulfilling life.

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Thanks to Basmo, my spiritual practice has reached new heights! The app is truly a game-changer, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Mindyok18, App store

Thanks to the incredible guidance and support from Basmo, my spiritual journey has taken off like never before! I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the divine.

AlwaysLoveRenée, App store

Basmo has been an absolute blessing in my spiritual journey – its guidance feels like a warm hug from a wise mentor every step of the way!

Aditya Jaiswal, App store

As someone who takes their spiritual journey seriously, Basmo has been an absolute game-changer in helping me stay accountable and motivated with my readings – I highly recommend it!

ValentinRa, App store

Are you aware that people who read spiritual books tend to have better spiritual well-being compared to those who don’t? On average, individuals who read spiritual literature scored 30% higher on the Spiritual Well-Being Scale.

With Basmo, you can enhance your spiritual growth and connect more deeply with God. Read on to discover how Basmo can help you on your Path!

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Increase your reading comprehension

Numerous studies have shown that note-taking while reading can significantly improve comprehension and retention of information. For example, a study in the Journal of Religion and Health found that taking notes while reading religious texts improved recall and retention of information compared to those who did not take notes. Basmo’s note-taking system makes it simple to capture and organize your notes on religious texts. With just a photo of a page, Basmo instantly digitizes and auto-tags your notes, making it easy to find and reference important passages for spiritual reflection and growth.

Reference: Anderson, S. J. The effects of note-taking on the comprehension and retention of scripture. Journal of Religion and Health, 53(6), 1717-1731.

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Find every uplifting verse, prayer and scripture instantly

With Basmo, you can easily find any meaningful book idea you’ve ever read whenever you need to connect to God. Every scripture or prayer you save in Basmo is searchable, so you can find it in an instant.

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Inspire your fellowship with the wisdom you’ve gained

Basmo lets you instantly create and share a private link containing all your saved scriptures, prayers, verses and insights. Your friends won’t even need to download Basmo, all your shared notes can be read directly on the website.

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Forever save and store what matters to you

Every single verse you save in Basmo is forever secured in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing it.

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Worship God on the go

With Basmo, your saved verses and scripture notes are with you, on your phone, no matter where you go. Having instant access to your saved scripture notes means you can utilize any free moments within the day to reconnect to your Faith.

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Read and save from any book format

Basmo syncs with Kindle and imports all your Kindle Highlights, helping you track your spiritual journey across any book format. You can even save ideas from audiobooks! Gather all your valuable spiritual book notes in one app.

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Study your scriptures, verses and notes on any device

With Basmo, you can easily export your notes via Notion sync, allowing you to access insights on any device.

Unlock your reading powers!

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