The Importance of Setting Reading Goals to Increase Your Love For Books

Reading Goals

Cultivating good reading habits is not always easy. There will be days when you won’t feel like reading, or when motivation will run slow, and that’s perfectly fine. That’s when setting achievable and exciting reading goals will go a long way towards bettering yourself. 

Setting reading goals is always energizing. Your dopamine levels increase, you have a clear image of what you can achieve, and you’ll become excited anytime you’re thinking about achieving that reading goal. 

Besides that, setting reading goals for adults isn’t boring and hard. On the contrary, to make your reading activity more pleasant, you can use cool reading apps. These apps are a great way to make your target easier to achieve. They can track the books you’re reading, keep all those interesting quotes in one place, and motivate you to read every day until you achieve your goals. Basmo is one of them.

So let’s see how you can approach your book reading goals to make them easier to achieve!

Strategies To Make Your Reading Goals Easier to Achieve

Getting thrilled for a goal is always a good thing. After all, that enthusiasm is what stimulates us to make our life better and reach our potential. But because of this excitement, we’re also prone to setting unattainable reading goals. 

Keeping the following strategies in mind will help you look at your reading goals more objectively and evaluate them correctly. 

Set a Doable Goal 

Excited or not, finishing the LoTR trilogy might be a bit of an unnecessary stretch in one weekend. Especially if you haven’t read for a long time and you don’t have a certain reading speed. The more unrealistic goals you have, the more likely you are to abandon them. 

When people realize they’re working towards something bigger than they previously thought, there is this tendency to go back to one’s comfort zone.

However, setting a doable goal (reading one chapter per day, for example) will make your daily habit easier to achieve, thus making progress every month. 

Surround Yourself with Supportive Friends 

Smashing your goals in silence is one way to get motivation for your reading journey. 

But sometimes, having someone to talk to about the books can make your goals easier to achieve. Take movies for example. It’s nice to watch them by yourself, but having someone to talk to about some scene or characters is far more enjoyable. It’s the same with books. 

If you want to talk to other book lovers, you can join different communities like: 

  • Facebook reading groups. 
  • Goodreads groups.
  • The Reddit Book Club.
  • Follow other book lovers on Instagram. 

Besides, sharing your progress on social media will motivate others to read too. Getting compliments and surrounding yourself with people that read will make your reading goals so much simpler to obtain.

Create a Vision Board that Motivates You to Read

Visualizing yourself achieving your reading goal is not just daydreaming or wishful thinking. Statistics show that entrepreneurs who created a vision board met their goals compared to those that didn’t. 

And if that worked for a business owner, imagine what it can do for your reading goals! 

Here are some suggestions you can add to your reading vision board to inspire and motivate you: 

  • Self-affirmations. 
  • Quotes about reading books
  • Pictures with favorite books and authors. 
  • Paintings of people reading. 
  • Images of aesthetic reading.

Make an Exciting “Books I’d Like to Read” List 

Reading books you don’t care about is the ultimate recipe for failure. The more you hate the books you have to read, the higher the chances you won’t achieve your target. 

Changing your perspective from “I have to read this” to “I get/ I want to read this” will be a game-changer. 

Choose books that spark joy, motivate you, and make you feel excited about smashing your daily target. 

For this, you can use those reading teaching apps we talked about at the beginning.

For example, with Basmo you have a special section where you can list all the books you plan on reading. All you have to do is: 

  1. Open the Basmo app.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Book collections part.
  3. Tap the Want to read section.
  4. Tap the  + Add book button and start adding any book that sparks your interest. 

Set a Daily Reading Reminder

Spending time on social media, relaxing in front of the TV, cooking, going for a walk are also relaxing activities that you can add to your daily routine. 

However, spending a bit more time than you initially planned on one activity is inevitable sometimes. Thus, setting a reading reminder to help you delimitate when one activity ends and when the other starts is a great help. 

With Basmo, you can set daily reading reminders to know when it’s time to read. 

A daily reading reminder should be set carefully, and only after you take into account everything you enjoy doing.

Do you like to read in the morning as part of your slow waking-up routine? Do you want to read right before going to sleep so you can limit exposure to blue light? Do you want to go to the nearest coffee shop and read while sipping some delicious drinks? Or do you maybe enjoy spending some time at home under your favorite blanket? 

Only you know what’s best for you! Thus, setting a reading reminder should incorporate all these factors, so you can have a relaxing and pleasant time when you start to read. 

Keep a Reading Journal 

Losing focus and looking at the books you still have to read, rather than acknowledging the progress you’ve made so far is fairly common. 

Having a reading journal will help you not get discouraged on your journey. 

With Basmo, you can track all the books you’ve read, and the emotions you’re feeling during your reading session.

All you have to do is:

  1. Tap End Session whenever you achieve your daily reading goal.
  2. Choose what emotion suits you
  3. Write down a few notes about your reading session. 

Break Your Goal Into Smaller Parts

Hearing someone talking about how they’ve managed to read 40 books in 1 year might seem crazy. Especially when you don’t seem to have the patience to read more than 50 pages in one sitting. 

And before you start getting all skeptical about it, here’s the math behind it!

40 books per year sounds like a lot, but divide 40 books by 12 months and you get around 3 books per month. If you focus on 100-page books, you’ll have to read 300 pages per month in 30 days. And that’s 10 pages per day. 

40 books per year sounds scary and unattainable, but 10 pages per day sounds doable. You can go even further, and divide these 10 pages into 5 pages in the morning, and 5 at night. 

For the average reader, reading 5 pages takes no more than 10 minutes. It doesn’t sound that scary anymore, right? 

So, don’t get scared by big numbers. It’s the small, consistent ones that add up in the end!

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Setting Reading Goals vs. Going with the Flow 

Just because you’re not reading a book per day doesn’t mean you don’t have a daily reading routine. Reading 10 minutes per day counts more than reading 100 pages per day once in a blue moon. 

Going with the flow and opening a book only when you feel like it will have a negative impact on your reading goals. 

In most cases, cultivating a habit is less about having time for that activity, and more about making time for it. So, what are some reading goals that can help you cultivate a daily reading habit? 

Reading Goals Ideas You Can Try to Become a Better Reader

A New Author Every Month 

Once you start reading, you’ll see that every writer has their style. 

Reading too many books by the same author can be boring. Not because they are boring, but because you’ll get used to their way of saying certain things, how they build their characters, or how they create their opening hooks. 

The more authors you read, the more perspectives you gain. 

A New Topic Every Month

Knowing everything there’s to know about a certain subject can give you that feeling of accomplishment. Your friends and family might even look up to you, as if you’re a living Wikipedia page. But that’s the good side of reading about the same topic again and again. 

After 5-6 books, it becomes harder to dig up new information than it was at first. The information will keep repeating itself, and finding something new about the same topic will take more time than usual. 

Spice your reading life up by trying a new topic every month. You’ll be amazed by how many things you can learn in just a few months! 

A New Genre Every Month

Manga is for kids. 

Classic literature is for pretentious people. 

Romance is for divorced women over 40.

Yeah, said no one ever.

Setting a reading goal like a new genre every month is a nice way to surprise yourself with different perspectives, plots, and ideas.  What’s more, you never know what your next favorite genre will be!

A Chapter per Night / Morning 

If the chapters are too long, you can alternate with reading a certain amount of pages per day. This way, you’ll take constant steps towards your reading goals.  

X Minutes per Day 

Some books are challenging to read. Learning new ideas, writing down new words, or re-reading a paragraph until you understand it can take a lot of extra time. Focusing on a certain number of pages, in this case, won’t work because it’ll feel like you didn’t progress too much even if you spent 1 hour on that book. 

Deciding how many minutes you should spend reading is more accurate and you can track your progress better.

Don’t get discouraged if some books take more than others to read – do things at your own pace! 

Set a Monthly Reading List 

Do you like to set a new list at the beginning of every month? Do you like to re-adjust your book reading list every 4 months? It works well either way. 

Organizing your books in “June To be Read”, or “August To be Read” lists can help you visualize your goals better and tackle them easier. 

How Do You Know You’ve Got Good Reading Goals?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re making progress according to your goals. Here are a few signs you’re on the right track with your reading goals. 

  • Reading is now a part of your daily routine. 
  • You reflect on the books you’ve read regularly.
  • You don’t feel overwhelmed by your book wish list anymore.
  • You enjoy the books you’re reading.
  • You’re actually making progress towards your reading goals. 


Setting reading goals is fun, exciting, and motivational. It helps you discover what your limits are, how much effort you’re willing to make, and how passionate you are about bettering yourself. 

One thing to remember when you’re creating next month’s book list – make your reading goals flexible. Sometimes, you plan a bit more than you can handle, and other times you underestimate your capabilities.

Re-adjust your reading goals so they can reflect your current ambitions towards becoming a better reader!

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