10 Best Apps to Read Books for Free

Fee reading apps for adults

Even though we are all well aware of the numerous benefits a healthy reading habit has for our lives, finding the time and resources to get it done is sometimes a more difficult task. We often find ourselves with nothing to read on hand, which is probably one of the main reasons we tend to overlook this activity whenever we have some time to spare.

Luckily for you, since our mission here at Basmo is to provide you with all the right tools to become an accomplished reader, we put together a list of all the best apps to read books for free. 

Choosing your favorite from our selection of free reading apps for adults will ensure that you always have something to read and will definitely have a positive impact on your reading habits. As we know, convenience is generally the shortest way to building healthy habits, and that is exactly where these free reading apps step in.

Is there an app to read books for free?

The first question to answer when it comes to free reading apps is, obviously, “do free reading apps really exist?”. Even though they do sound a bit too good to be true, free reading apps do actually exist. 

By its definition, a free reading app is a piece of software you can download and install on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, that allows you to read books, magazines, or other materials at zero cost. While some of these reading apps you can get for free are supported by ads, others can offer a limited free trial period followed by a subscription requirement. 

Finding the right app to read books for free can be somewhat challenging. The number of apps claiming to provide this service is quite large, and some of them have a couple of hidden inconveniences hidden in the fine print, while others simply offer poor services. All is not lost though, because many other free reading apps are amazingly good and can help you tremendously in improving your reading habits with no additional costs.

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What are the best free reading apps for adults?

One thing you should know is that the best app to read books for free is definitely out there. While your choice may not be the same as that of others, you should definitely keep in mind that even though your preferences might differ, there are enough apps to choose from. 

If you’re going to put enough effort and dedication into the process of finding it, with some help from our selection below, you will certainly find something to suit every single one of your needs. 

Here are some of the best free reading apps you can find and use today.

1. Aldiko

The first free reading app worth mentioning is Aldiko. It is available on both Android and iOS devices and supports a multitude of e-book formats like EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM among others. 

Aldiko App

The app can be easily downloaded from the Android and iOS app stores for free. You can use Aldiko as a tool for reading e-books you already own, whether they were bought from other stores, borrowed, or simply downloaded for free; you can also choose to take advantage of its 1.2 million book library. You can access the library and take advantage of free e-book giveaways or simply purchase books at decent prices. 

2. FBReader

This free reading app is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows. The formats supported by FBReader are as varied as the app’s compatibility with operating systems: ePub, Mobi, HTML, RTF, and FB2, among others. 

FBReader App

You can use FBReader to synchronize your library across multiple devices with ease, and the fact that it can be installed on mobile devices, as well as laptops and PCs, gives it an important advantage over the competition. The fact that you can simply continue reading a book on your phone that you started on your PC is clearly a great thing. 

On top of this, FBReader is a great choice for those who don’t settle with reading in a single, predefined format. There are several visual aspects that can be easily customized, like the fonts, font sizes, and colors. 

3. Oodles

With a library of more than 500,000 titles in several categories and genres, Oodles is another great choice for those who are looking to spend as much time reading and as little money as possible. 

Oodles App

Unlike other apps on this list, Oodles can be used in offline mode. It allows you to download certain books from its library and you are going to be able to access them even if your connection to the Internet is off. This can work wonders in removing distractions while reading. 

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is a free reading app with a twist. Not only do you gain access to a plethora of titles from a huge range of genres and subgenres, but you also get to read books from independent authors who haven’t made it yet and haven’t been officially published. What that means is that you can get to read a whole bunch of books that are not yet on the bookstore shelves. Exciting, right? One thing you should know is that you can become a contributing writer as well if that is something that sounds like something you would like to try.

Wattpad App

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to filtering and sorting the books you want to read.

5. Audible

Since we’re on the subject of free reading apps with a twist, another great one to look at is definitely Audible. As the name suggests, it actually comes with a completely different approach. Instead of actually providing you with a platform to read free books on, Audible comes with a different proposition: audiobooks.

Audible App

The app works just as well on Android and iOS devices and has an extensive enough library to keep you busy for the foreseeable future. Obviously, listening to audiobooks can have a huge range of advantages, so if your time is relatively limited or you’re just not a big fan of reading in general, it can be a great choice. 

6. Kindle

Even though most of us think of something completely different whenever we hear of Kindle, you should know that it is also an app, not only a physical e-reader. The Kindle app works on macOS, Android, and iOS and provides a similar experience to the one you would expect from the e-reader with the same name.

Kindle App

You benefit from Amazon’s immense library, which contains literally millions of titles, and you can even use the app for reading comic books and listening to audiobooks. There are many books you can access and read for free, and for many others, you can expect to have the option to read a sample before purchasing it.  

7. Kobo

Part of the Rakuten family, Kobo is yet another great free reading app for adults. You can use it on any mobile device running on Android or iOS, as well as on laptops or PCs. Like Kindle, it grants you access to a tremendous book collection (more than 6 million titles) that can be sampled or purchased. Several of them can also be accessed for free through giveaways.

Kobo App

The app allows you to customize the reading experience to a certain extent, giving you the option to choose your preferred font, font size, and color, as well as a light or dark theme. An interesting addition comes from the fact that Kobo has a built-in dictionary, which can prove quite handy.

8. Scribd

Even though full access to Scribd services only comes on a subscription basis, you can still enjoy a quite decent 30-day trial period. The app is available for any device of your choice and also comes with its own huge library of books, comics, magazines, and even sheet music (if you’re into reading music).

Scribd App

Offline mode is also available, as are plenty of customization options meant to help you have the best reading experience you can have.  

9. Barnes & Noble Nook

With over 4 million titles in their collection, including books in every genre you can think of, mangas, graphic novels, comics, magazines, and audiobooks, the famous Barnes & Noble store also provides customers with a nice little reading app.

Barnes & Noble NOOK App

The app is Android and iOS friendly and provides users with the option to add notes, and highlight parts of the text while reading. Not only that, but some important customization options are also available for those who prefer to adjust the font size, line spacing, background color, brightness, or even margins. Books and audiobooks can also be downloaded and read in offline mode. 

10. Blinkist

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Blinkist is an interesting choice for those who are looking for a free reading app. Named after its unique feature called “Blink Here,” which provides users with key insights on every page of every book in the library, Blinkist grants you access to a huge library.

Blinkist App

You can choose from thousands of titles, listen to audiobooks, read or listen to book summaries, and even use it as a platform for offline reading. 

What is the best app for free books?

Making the right choice when looking for the best apps to read books for free is no easy task. Moreover, the process requires you to have a good understanding of your own expectations and preferences.

Naming just one app as being the best choice for reading free books would be a mistake since we all have our own preferences and habits when it comes to reading. The important things to keep in mind when making the choice are:

  • Make sure the app gives you access to a big enough library so you always have enough books to choose from
  • Ensure that the app is compatible with your preferred device
  • If you are required to pay for a subscription to enjoy the full benefits, always take advantage of the free trial period to check all functionalities

In the end, you should choose the app that you like the most. There is no way of telling which one is better than the next one unless we take into account what your likes and dislikes are. As long as you’re happy with your choice, nothing else matters. 

Track your reading while using free reading apps

And speaking of apps that put a smile on your face, even though it is not a reading app per se, Basmo can have a huge impact on your reading habits. Basmo is a reading tracking app, which means it should be used to monitor and improve your performance. So even if you use a free reading app, you can still benefit from the things Basmo has to offer.

For example, Basmo can help you create a healthy reading routine. With its scheduling functionality and the fact that it allows you to set goals for your reading, it can help you gain control over your reading habits.

The app encourages you to select the exact days of the week and times of day for your reading sessions and even reminds you when it’s time to start reading. Setting your goals is easy and efficient, as you can choose between a daily goal for the number of words you read every day or the total number of books you go through within a year.

On top of this, Basmo tracks your reading speed and other important metrics within every reading session you allow it to monitor. This can be a great starting point for improving your reading habits and general performance.

Moreover, with Basmo, you can write notes, keep a reading journal, monitor your emotions, and much, much more.

Final thoughts

The best free reading apps for adults are only a couple of clicks away. All you need to do is actually find them and start using them. Match whatever reading app you choose with Basmo and see your reading performance skyrocket!

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