What Are The Best Alternatives To Goodreads?

Goodreads Alternatives

The habit of reading nowadays, while still having the same amazing benefits for our body and mind, has changed. There’s a plethora of apps and websites out there, created with the sole purpose of making reading more effective, appealing and enjoyable and one of the most popular ones is clearly Goodreads. 

But nothing is perfect and that also applies to this platform. For those of you who really want to make the best of your reading, this article explores some Goodreads alternatives which can really turn things around when it comes to your reading experience.

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads defines itself as a collection of millions of books, quotes, reader reviews and the ultimate destination for all book lovers from all over the world. It is part of the Amazon group and on top of the website, the service can also be accessed through a mobile app. 

Basically, Goodreads is (or tries to be) a one-stop destination for readers, where they can find pretty much any book, relevant quotes, ratings for every title and book recommendations based on each individual’s particular taste. Users can also create reading lists and catalog their books.

Goodreads disadvantages

While the idea behind Goodreads and its purpose are great, the final result is far from ideal from many points of view. Here’s a couple of the most important flaws the users found.

The website disappoints

Despite being a part of the Amazon empire which comes with the advantage of almost endless resources, the website is slow, cluttered, outdated and counter-intuitive. It seems like the website hasn’t had any real improvements in years and it shows. 

Important features don’t work or do it poorly

One of the things that most Goodreads users want to be able to use all the time is obviously the Search function. While a search feature is as basic as it gets nowadays in terms of website functionality, many Goodreads users have complained about not being able to find the right books even when searching for their exact name and author. Oftentimes the right title appears as the last search result (if it appears at all), after a bunch of other results which have little to do with the book they are looking for.

On top of this, another disappointing feature is the recommendations tool, which, all readers can agree, is extremely important. Users reported receiving pointless recommendations instead of the personalized ones based on their taste that they were expecting. “Instead we have a book tracker that, for many people, barely works”, claims one of the users.

Unreliable book ratings and reviews

One of the things Goodreads prides itself the most is its community. The fact that all users are allowed to publicly rate, review, quote or annotate books could have been a huge advantage. Unfortunately many users reported fake book reviews having been posted to push certain titles higher in the rankings. Not all the information on the Goodreads website can be trusted and that pretty much defeats the purpose of building a readers’ community. 

Not only that, but there have been moments when authors reported having lost all or a big part of the user reviews they had gathered throughout the years. Needless to say, issues like this can have a negative impact on an author’s reputation, and also make Goodreads a lot less trustworthy in the users’ eyes.

The mobile app is not what you would expect

Much like the website, the Goodreads app is slow, clunky, has a poor design and is not user friendly at all. It is outdated, hard to use and lacks many features that users have found useful in other reading apps. 

Goodreads alternatives and their advantages/disadvantages

Now that you know why Goodreads isn’t your best choice, let’s explore some of the options out there when it comes to alternatives to Goodreads.


When it comes to apps like Goodreads, Basmo stands out as an incredibly feature packed and user friendly reading app. It doesn’t have the community features Goodreads has, but as we discovered together, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Basmo is a reading and book tracking app and can tremendously improve the reading experience for those who use it.

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Track the books you read, monitor the time you spend reading and keep notes on your reading habits and how it makes you feel. You can set yourself targets for the time you spend reading and you can get notified whenever you’re behind on your reading time. 

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This platform takes making reading lists and cataloging books to another level. It allows users to create endless collections of books, movies and music. Sadly though, as much as we like lists, today’s reader needs other features as well, which are not included in Libib. 


If the community is an important aspect for you as a reader, you’ll be happy to know that Bookstagram, a very popular “corner” of Instagram among book lovers, can be a great replacement for Goodreads. While it’s not exactly one of the sites like Goodreads you’d expect to read about here and comes with no features or even a website of it’s own, the Bookstagram community is worth including in the list because is a great place to find out about new books or to see what others think about certain titles.


Yet another reading app that is a recommended alternative to Goodreads, Bookly makes an interesting proposition: to look at reading as a daily workout. While it is lacking the community aspect of Goodreads, Bookly has some interesting features which make it a worthy contender. 


There are many sites like Goodreads, but the creator of Storygraph had no intention of creating a Goodreads alternative. The initial purpose behind the project was to come as an addition to the faulty Recommendations section of Goodreads, but a couple more features have been added as time went by, which turned Storygraph exactly into what it wasn’t supposed to be: a competitor for Goodreads.

Why is Basmo the best Goodreads alternative?

Many have tried to fill the Goodreads shoes, but few have succeeded. We feel like this is the obvious top choice for Goodreads alternatives and here’s why.

Advantages of using Basmo instead of Goodreads

Basmo allows users to set daily or yearly reading goals

Whether you want to choose how many minutes to read every day or just want to set a big-picture yearly goal for the number of books you read, Basmo allows you to do that easily and quickly.

Basmo is an amazing tool for quote lovers

Books are filled with interesting ideas, great sayings or simply beautifully phrased thoughts we sometimes want to

or share with others. Basmo allows you to save your favorite quotes, edit them, save them as images and even share them on a social media platform of your choice.

Basmo tracks your reading time

By using the app every time you pick up a book, all your reading sessions are recorded and stored. Having this information stored in one place doesn’t only allow you to better manage your reading habits, it also allows you to improve your efficiency. You can find out your reading speed and start improving it, or you can start reading more or more often.

Basmo can be your notes taking little wizard

We all feel the need to take notes while we read and while many of us still do it by putting pen to paper, Basmo offers an interesting alternative: doing it digitally directly in the app. While your reading session is ongoing within the app, you can simply pick up your phone and start writing your notes. They are immediately saved and you can edit them whenever you need to, directly on your phone.

Basmo allows you to keep a journal of your reading emotions

End each reading session by choosing an emoticon to match how you feel, and this will be stored in your mindful reading record. Understanding our emotions is an important part of our self-development and having an app that journals our emotions can prove to be extremely useful for our reading habits.

Features that make Basmo our top choice

Book scanning

The camera on your personal smartphone can be used to scan pages from the books you read and by using Basmo, you can accurately extract the text you want to save for later use, whether it’s an interesting quote or simply an important part of the book you want to remember.

Reading statistics

Basmo allows you to track the time you spend reading, the number of books or pages read, your progress towards your reading goals. All this is valuable data for reading enthusiasts who want to take their hobby to the next level.

Reading sessions

Basmo can be used every time you read. By starting a reading session every time you pick up a book, you keep a record of your reading habits which can later be used to improve them.

Reading lists

Since we’re discussing Goodreads alternatives, the ability of creating lists was not to be missed. Luckily, Basmo has been created with the reader in mind and we know how important lists are. Users can either use and populate the already existing Book Collections from the app or can create new ones and personalize them endlessly. 

Reading schedule and reminders

Another reason why Basmo is one of the best Goodreads alternatives is the fact that it allows users to create their own reading schedule and helps them stick to it. Users can set daily reminders to be notified every day or every other day about their upcoming scheduled reading sessions. That way, they can ensure to always stick to their plan and reach their personal reading goals.

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Now you know pretty much everything that is wrong with Goodreads and you have a pretty good idea what the best Goodreads alternatives are. It’s a shame really that it has come to this. The idea behind the project is amazing and despite its many flaws, it remains one of the most popular platforms for book lovers. One can only wonder what could have become of Goodreads if they would have taken advantage of Amazon’s immensely deep pockets.  

Apps like Basmo do an amazing job at filling the gaps and even bringing new things to the table, so they deserve a fighting chance against the underperforming and, quite honestly, dissapointing Goodreads giant.

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