I Don’t Like Reading Books. What Can I Do to Change?

I Hate Reading Books

As a book lover, things are rather simple. You love books, you love reading, and you can enjoy the plethora of benefits this activity can provide for you. For those who are not as fond of reading, there is quite a lot to overcome in order to take advantage of everything reading has to offer. 

From health benefits and general knowledge to stress relief and empathy development, everyone who has ever said I hate reading books or I don’t like reading books is missing out on quite a lot of ways in which reading can change their lives for the better. 

Our team here at Basmo is completely dedicated to figuring out how reading can become a more accessible, pleasant, and efficient activity. That is why we put a lot of work into finding a solution for those who don’t enjoy reading and we are pretty confident that we managed to come up with a couple of great ways to learn how to love books and reading. 

Why do I hate reading books?

The first step in trying to come up with solutions to any problem, in general, is to understand what exactly the problem actually is. While that may be true for pretty much anything, it is especially important when it comes to reading. Reading is a complex activity and the reasons why some people hate it are a lot more varied than you might imagine.

1. Because you have the wrong mindset 

This is probably the most common reason why people dislike reading. Associating reading with a chore starts in school where children are expected to read a relatively large number of books and generally also receive grades that represent their efficiency in reading them. 

The reading lists are not tailored to everyone’s taste and this usually leaves most children reading a lot of books they dislike. These reading tasks, even though they are an important part of the educational process, leave many children with a very particular mindset about reading- they see it as a mandatory task that brings no joy. These children oftentimes turn into adults who hate reading.

2. Because you didn’t find the right books

We all have particular preferences when it comes to reading, and considering the huge variety in terms of genres, authors, topics, and writing styles, it is easy to understand why finding the exact genre or subgenre we enjoy the most is going to be a challenge. 

Finding the right author or the right genre can completely change the experience for most struggling readers. Finding joy in reading is an amazing and eye-opening experience for those who disliked reading for a long time. Figuring out what we like and what we don’t like can be quite rewarding, and even though it does require a certain level of effort and dedication, it is certainly worth exploring. 

3. Because you are overstimulated

One important reason why reading is often not particularly liked as a pass-time activity is the fact that it has some pretty unfair competition. When you think about it, the alternatives to reading as a form of entertainment are much more stimulating. While reading stimulates the imagination, watching TV or scrolling through video content on social media apps are stimulating the brain in a more direct way.

Seeing moving images, and colors, hearing audio stimuli, and following funny or interesting content on your phone activates the brain in a manner that is more rewarding in that particular moment. In the long run, though, they have a somewhat damaging effect. 

If we get our brains used to being overstimulated and constantly bombarded with video and audio stimuli that are particularly designed to keep us engaged and scrolling for as long as humanly possible, we can become desensitized to milder forms of entertainment like reading. 

The fact that reading also requires a certain amount of effort is also part of the reason why it sometimes takes a back seat in the order of entertainment choices for many people.

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Is it OK not liking reading?

I don’t like reading books but I want to” is something we heard here at Basmo a lot more often than you might imagine. One thing we cannot stress enough is that accepting yourself is a very important part of the process.

It is OK to not like reading. We are all different and we like different things. What you should always keep in mind is that even though you might not like reading right now, there are a lot of things you can do to change that. It is ok to accept our starting point on this journey, but it is also important to understand that our lives can significantly change for the better if we learn to love reading. This can be a daunting process that will require quite a lot of time and effort, but one that certainly pays off in time. 

Acceptance and mindfulness are very powerful tools, regardless of what your goals are. Use them wisely to understand your relationship with reading and how you can improve it.

What to do when you hate reading books?

I hate books and I don’t like to read. Now what? Well, now that you have accepted the fact that reading is not something you enjoy doing, it’s time to figure out how you can change that. What you need to do first is learn how to get motivated to read. Understand what the benefits of reading constantly are, how reading can change you and improve your life, and get excited about the possibilities you are going to be able to enjoy.

Figure out what you hate about reading

It is extremely important to understand what exactly is your biggest turn-off when it comes to reading. Is it actually the process of spending time with a book and letting yourself be disconnected from reality? Do you find reading boring? Do you think it’s a waste of time? 

There are many things you need to understand about the way you perceive reading as an activity. There are many moving parts and you will need to do quite a lot of introspection in order to figure out exactly what the actual problem is. But this is a crucial part of the process, one you are quite unlikely to succeed without.

Figure out what books are most likely to bring you joy

Sometimes learning to love reading means figuring out what you dislike the less rather than learning what you love. You might not find a book you love at first, but you might find one you don’t dislike, and that is perfectly fine. Explore your passions, and use reading as a tool to learn more about the things you actually love. 

If you’re interested in cars, find some books about the way cars are made. If you always wanted to learn how a nuclear power plant works, read about that. One of the most beautiful things about books and reading is the fact that you can literally find reading materials on any topic you can think of. 

So, at first, instead of focusing on figuring out how to read a boring book, you should start by trying to find ways to enjoy reading by choosing the topics that work for you.

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How to like reading books?

Learning how to like reading books, as I mentioned above, can be a daunting mission. Luckily, there are several important aspects you can look into in order to start making the change. If you always thought that reading is not your cup of tea, there’s a chance that we can prove you wrong. 

1. Use Basmo to gamify your reading

Using a reading tracking app like Basmo can considerably change the way you see reading as an activity. Not only does Basmo provide you with a plethora of tools that can make you a much happier and more efficient reader, but it can also help you enjoy your time reading. 

The efficiency of gamification in reading and education in general has been proven time and time again. The gamification process represents a method through which tasks that generally offer no joy are made more fun by being turned into a game. 

Basmo can make reading a lot more fun, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy this activity. Our app tracks your reading performance through each reading session and provides you with important information about your speed and performance. The data is turned into comprehensive statistics that can be used to better yourself as a reader.

On top of this, Basmo will encourage you to form healthy reading habits, which is incredibly important for a struggling reader. You can use the app to set reading goals, both to ensure that you read for a certain number of minutes every day and to ensure that you read a certain number of books every year.

Additionally, you can also create a reading schedule. The app can help you choose different times for each day of the week and it will also remind you of the upcoming reading sessions you have scheduled so you don’t forget about them.

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2. Find the right books

Figuring out what you actually like to read is of utmost importance if you want to start loving books and reading. Explore different topics, genres, and authors to see what exactly puts a smile on your face. Give everything a chance and keep an open mind. Reading teen fiction in your 40s is not as bad as not reading at all. Regardless of what you discover your taste in books to be, you should keep an open mind and give yourself a chance to enjoy yourself. 

3. Start slow

One important thing to keep in mind is that you have to give yourself time and you should be patient. Manage your expectations. It’s more important to actually figure out how to stop hating books than keeping up with unrealistic reading rhythms or habits you saw from your friends. 

Read slowly, keep your reading sessions short, and never try to achieve more than you are 100% certain you are able to achieve. 

Give yourself time to discover what you like, accept the fact that you are going to read less than your friends at first, that you are going to struggle with your reading habits for a while. Being patient is key if you want to actually stop disliking reading. You can’t expect yourself to become an avid reader overnight. You need to discover the beauty of this activity, to understand how your life will change as a passionate reader, and you will need to be accepting of who you are and what your limitations are. 

And always keep in mind that at the end of this tormenting journey you will find yourself more relaxed, more empathetic, smarter, and with an amazingly satisfying hobby. 

4. Learn to be mindful of your reading

Integrating mindfulness into your reading habits can completely change the way you read and how you perceive this activity.  While mindfulness and living in the moment is something that works amazing in every single aspect of your life, you should keep in mind that it is especially important to be mindful about your reading. Mindful reading is the equivalent of a fourth dimension. It can completely transform your reading habits and your reading experience. 

5. Try audiobooks

Nowadays, reading doesn’t necessarily mean holding a book going through its pages one by one. The alternative is listening to books instead of reading them. While you are not going to enjoy all the benefits of traditional reading, listening to books can provide you with a great experience. You still get the information from all the books you are listening to, with the added benefit of hearing them read by professionals. 

Final thoughts

I hate reading books” doesn’t have to be the end of the road for you and your reading habits. With Basmo and the suggestions above, you can change the way you look at reading as an entertaining experience, and you can learn to love books and reading.

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