How to Find a Book to Read (11 Ways)

How to Find a Book to Read

While reading is an immensely pleasurable and rewarding activity, finding a good book to read can be a challenge nowadays. With over 130 million books ever written and a couple hundred thousands more being launched each year, it’s easy to understand why we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the variety. 

Learning how to find a book to read is key, and most of the time finding book recommendations based on other books we enjoyed in the past is a great place to start.

How to find a good book to read ?

We have quite a lot of tools at our disposal which can help us choose what books to read for an enjoyable experience. Which ones are most effective and how we can proceed to make the best of every option is up to each of us and our particular taste and preference. 

Here’s a couple of the best ways to get recommended books based on other books or to find brand new titles that you will surely enjoy.

1. Goodreads recommendations or readalikes

We all know that Goodreads is trying to be the ultimate online destination for all book lovers. While the platform does disappoint from many points of view, it is still worth it to become a member and use the service. 

Even though many users complained that the automatic Recommendations section doesn’t give the best results, others claimed to be rather satisfied. It probably all depends on the books you read and how the algorithm reacts to your preferences.

On top of the automatic recommendations that are adjusted to your taste based on the books you read, Goodreads also offers predefined reading lists that are compiled starting with some of the most popular titles. The readalikes lists have been reported to be a lot better than the automatic recommendations.

2. Use Bookriot

Bookriot is a great secondary tool for Goodreads users. Built around the same love for reading as Goodreads, Bookriot has been reported by users to provide a more reliable experience when it comes to book recommendations. 

Bookriot is a complex platform offering several useful services to us, book lovers. We tried some of them and we must admit that despite our initial belief, their book recommendations are pretty spot on. The website is an endless resource of articles like “10 books you will love if you liked Squid game” and the recommendations are quite good in each one. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to head to Bookriot whenever you’re in a slump, unable to find a good book to read.

3. Take online quizzes 

While most of us consider online quizzes to be infantile and fun at their best, they can turn out to be quite useful when it comes to choosing a book to read. Buzzfeed, Bookriot and some others offer some seriously good quizzes for book lovers. 

Maybe “What book should you read based on your zodiac sign” isn’t the best resource for finding a good book to read, but there are many other quizzes you can take and there’s a chance you will find some interesting titles.

4. Join a book club

Book clubs have existed for centuries and there’s many reasons for that. One of them is that they can be a great source of good book titles. Whether it’s a traditional book club where the members meet face to face and discuss the books they read from a predetermined reading list or the online version of the club where the community only meets virtually, members have a series of benefits.

One of the most important ones is that the reading list is created by the club’s leader and some of the oldest members, meaning that you won’t have to worry about what to read. You read the book everyone in the club reads and most of the time, the books chosen are really good.

5. Join online communities for book lovers and ask for recommendations

If joining a book club isn’t your cup of tea and you want to choose the books yourself and read on your own terms, Facebook, Reddit and other social platforms can be a great resource for book titles.

Facebook groups and subreddits for book lovers exist already and many of them have the member numbers in the thousands. Try the “Book Recommendations” group on Facebook or r/books, r/booksuggestions, r/bookclub on Reddit. You won’t be disappointed. The communities are also quite active, meaning that chances are you will receive tens or hundreds of recommendations whenever you ask for one. 

We all know already that the power of the community is impressive and if you learn to differentiate between the haters, trolls and seriously helpful members, there’s a lot for you to gain from being a part of one. 

6. Find to-read lists online

Another option is to simply use Google to take you to some predefined reading lists. Many websites put their best minds on creating reading lists. The People magazine, for example, creates some pretty great reading lists. You will be able to find must-read lists based on genre, author, year and many other particularities.

Some of them will be low-quality, populated with book titles just for the sake of creating a reading list for their users, but others can be extremely useful. The good news is that the action of searching and evaluating the quality of a reading list on several platforms isn’t difficult or time-consuming. 

7. Follow the Nobel prize winners

Another fool-proof strategy for choosing the right books to read is to check each year’s nominees and winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The books and authors that are nomineed each year are guaranteed to be top quality works.

And lucky for you, you can of course check each year’s nominees and winners, but you can also go back and check all the nominees and winners in the history of the Nobel prize. Spoiler alert, there are a couple hundred books to read if you choose this path. 

8. Go to a bookstore

Even though we see them less and less these days, bookstores still exist and they are magical places, filled to the brim with content for book lovers of any age.

Not only will you be able to browse for hours between the aisles and check all the available titles in any genre or section, you can also speak to the staff. And let’s face it, nobody will choose to work in a bookstore unless they’re a bookworm just like you. 

Bookstore staff are usually passionate readers and will be able to recommend you many titles based on your preferences. On top of this, they know which books sell the most and that will give them an idea about the quality of certain titles even without reading them. 

9. Ask your friends and family

With the advances made by technology, the constant presence of the internet in our lives and the plethora of online tools it provides us with, we tend to forget that there are also people around us who can help. 

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, family or even coworkers  “Hey, can you recommend me a book based on what I like?”. Chances are they know you well enough to be able to make better recommendations than any online tool or resource. 

The human touch is irreplaceable in most aspects of our lives and book recommendations based on other books are no exception. The process of learning how to find a book to read is a lot easier for those who start it with their close ones.

10. Follow industry leaders or iconic thought leaders

Reading is not only a great recreational and fun activity, it can also be incredibly useful for everyone who wants to get insights of the industry they work in or those who want to learn new skills.

For those of you who don’t only read for pleasure, it would be a good idea to follow your industry leaders and read what they read

Reading about certain professional topics can help you become a lot more valuable for your industry so if you really want to advance in your career, you will want to be up to date with all your reading on the topic. Ask your colleagues, your boss about their recent reads about the industry you work in.

11. Google could be your friend

Alternatively, feel free to also take advantage of the amazing resources Google can provide. A simple search after “best books about accounting” for example may return pretty great results. 

Clearly, using search engines is not exclusively a solution for your professional reading needs. Feel free to use them whenever you’re in the mood to search for reading lists, best books tops, books on a certain theme or in a certain genre. 

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How to enjoy a good book to the maximum

Now that you have a plethora of options to learn how to find a book to read, what do you do when you find it to make the best of your reading experience?

Well, it’s easy. You start using a reading tracker app to take your reading to the next level. Basmo for example is a feature-packed app, available on most mobile devices that comes as an amazing tool for book lovers.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you should use it.

You will read more and better 

The app will help you be more organized with your reading habits and will allow you to set yourself goals, a reading schedule and even reminders to start reading. It will bring order to your reading experience and will help you develop some really healthy habits.

To set reading goals in Basmo:

  1. Go to the Goals tab on your home screen. You will see the daily and yearly reading goals that were automatically added to your account when you first installed the app.
  2. To change these goals, simply tap Adjust goal. The changes will appear immediately.

You will be more thorough with your reading

The app allows you to take notes while reading, which will help you be more insightful and will help you remember more from what you read. Taking notes and annotating books are amazing tools for those of us who take reading seriously and like to write down our own thoughts about what we read.

  1. You log in to Basmo. 
  2. Click on the + sign to search for the book you’re currently reading. 
  3. To start your reading session, tap the Start Session button. 
  4. Anytime you want to take notes, you’ll find a special section dedicated to writing your thoughts. 
  5. When you’re done, you can tap on the End Session section, you’ll set your bookmark page so you’ll know where you left off, and you’re done for the day! 

You will always have a reading list at hand

Basmo offers a reading lists feature which allows users to either populate some predefined book collections with titles of their choice, or to create personalized lists. You can create as many lists as you want, separate them by genre, topic or whatever you choose. You can easily populate any of the lists anytime you hear or find out about a new book you want to read. And the best news is that you will always have the list close by.

You can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Go to the My Books tab on your Basmo home screen.
  2. Scroll down to Book Collections and tap View all collections.
  3. Tap + Create book collection to add a new collection.
  4. You can name it anything you want and start adding books to it.

You can have more fun reading

Basmo can turn quotes from mere words to beautiful images you can immediately share on your social platform of your choice. Simply make a note while reading or scan the text you find interesting and use one of the many templates for creating the images, format the text as you please and share it with your friends!

Final thoughts

Finding a good book to read can be a challenge, but with the right tools and the proper mindset, the results can be incredible. Using Basmo for all your reading will make every book special and will allow you to enjoy it even more.

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