How to Read a Book a Day and Why You Should Try

How to Read a Book a Day

For most of us, reading more is a goal that keeps getting overlooked. Even though we are perfectly aware of the importance of reading in our lives, we tend to have more difficulty finding time for ourselves and getting our reading done. 

While for some of us the goal is to find a way to read a book every month or a book every week, there’s a very distinct group of people who want to take things further by reading a book a day. It may sound like an impossible task at first, but learning how to read a book a day is actually not that far-fetched. 

With some good planning, a great deal of motivation, and a little help from us here in the Basmo team, you can do it too if that is what you really want.

Can you read a book in a day?

If you’re thinking of starting a read-a-book-a-day challenge, probably one of the first things you might be wondering is whether that is actually possible. Well, the good news is that in theory, you can actually read a book every day. The not-so-thrilling news is that your success in achieving this goal depends on quite a wide series of factors. 

The very first thing you should keep in mind is that regardless of your reading speed, regardless of how easy-to-read the book is, or how short it actually is, you are still going to need a couple of hours to spare every single day in order to be able to read a book daily. As you know, not everyone can afford the luxury of spending hours reading every day. If you are among the lucky ones, then, by all means, give reading a book a day a shot. 

Planning ahead is also essential if you want to learn how to finish a book in a day. You can’t simply dive into this activity head-first without doing the proper prep work. You will need a solid TBR list filled with book titles that are appropriate for this challenge because you wouldn’t want to spend your precious time wondering what to read today instead of actually reading.

Speaking of the right books, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to when creating your TBR list. As you can imagine, you are quite unlikely to manage to read a book a day if the books you are choosing are The Hobbit, the Shogun, or À la recherche du temps perdu. The length of the books is not the only important factor, as their difficulty can also play a very important role in how quickly you can actually get them finished. Reading difficult books can take a lot longer even if the number of pages might be smaller than in other, simpler novels.

Last but not least, how dedicated to the cause you are can also play a huge role in how successful you are going to be. Reading a book a day is not going to be easy, especially if you are planning to make this a long-term habit. You are going to have strong willpower and a lot of motivation. 

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Is it bad to read a book in one day?

Generally speaking, the more reading you are able to get done, the better. Reading a book a day is clearly going to be a good thing for you overall, but there are some negatives you should be aware of as well. Reading too much does come with some side effects you should not ignore.

1. It is not an easy task

The first thing that can be considered a negative is the fact that this is not going to be an easy endeavor and if you are going into it with the wrong mindset or with unrealistic expectations, you are probably going to get disappointed and frustrated quite early in the process. While this is somewhat easy to overcome with a positive attitude and by managing your expectations, it is still something you should be aware of right from the start. 

2. It will take a lot of time

You should also know that reading a book a day is not going to be easy on your free time. If you are trying to juggle working a full-time job and managing a household, getting into the habit of also reading a book every day is not going to leave you with too much extra time. If you feel like sacrificing this time in exchange for the tremendous benefits of being an avid reader is worth it, you should definitely give it a try. But you should know right from the start that you will have very limited time for other activities.

3. You can get tired

Fatigue is one of the most obvious possible negative effects of reading too much. Getting through hundreds of pages every day is not going to be easy on your eyes and your brain. Absorbing information from one book every day is going to take a toll on your mind and it can become extremely tiring after a certain point. 

Every time we go above the amount of reading that is recommended to do every day, we expose ourselves to certain risks. While these risks are not too serious and can be easily avoided or overcome, they can still be quite annoying. 

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What are the benefits of reading a book a day?

Now that you are aware of the possible negative aspects of reading a book every day, why read a book a day? What are the advantages of getting into this reading habit? We all know that reading can work wonders for our mental and physical health and that our general knowledge can be seriously improved by reading on a daily basis, but what happens when you turn everything up to eleven?

1. You will read more than most people

As you can imagine, not a lot of people read a book a day. To gain some perspective, Bill Gates has received a lot of praise from the readers’ community for reading over 50 books in a year. If you were to start in January and go through with your challenge to read a book a day, you will have Bill Gates in your rearview mirror by mid-February. 

Reading a book a day will put you straight in the top 1% of the readers’ community, which means you will be reading more than 99% of the people in the world. This, obviously comes with the huge advantage of gaining a lot more knowledge than those around you. You will gain a better understanding of a huge number of topics, you will have a better vocabulary, and you are going to understand more about the world and how it works. 

2. It stimulates your brain   

As you know, reading is for the brain what cardio is for your body. It keeps your brain healthy, agile and working properly. Well, by that logic, reading a book a day is the brain workout equivalent of doing weight training on a daily basis. So, while casually reading every day is going to keep your brain in decent shape, reading a book every day is going to help your brain get a six-pack. 

Intense brain activity has a lot of benefits both short and long-term. Reading a book a day is definitely going to be a tough exercise regime for your brain and there is a lot for you to gain from this habit. 

3. It teaches you about motivation, willpower, and being organized 

As I mentioned, getting that much reading done is not going to be easy. Learning how to read a book in a day is going to require some sacrifices and a lot of dedication to your cause. Unless you are fully committed to reaching your goals, you are not going to succeed and that is going to be a great lesson for you. You are going to learn a lot about how you perform under pressure, how you tackle difficult tasks, and it is going to force you to be organized. 

It is important to keep in mind that all these things you are going to learn from getting into the habit of reading a book a day are going to help you tremendously in many other aspects of your life. So on top of the benefits you will enjoy from reading a lot, you are also going to self-improve considerably. 

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How to read a book every day?

Once the decision to start reading a book every day has been made, you should start working on getting prepared. There’s a lot for you to do in order to achieve your goals, and how you get started is of utmost importance. Here are some of the most important tips for learning how to read a book a day.

Use Basmo

Reading tracking apps are amazing little wizards who can completely change the way you read and what your reading performance is. Basmo, for example, can be your trusted ally in your adventure to becoming one of these a-book-a-day readers. Here’s why using Basmo is extremely important.

Basmo allows you to set goals 

Whether you want to read for a certain number of minutes every day or you want to get through 365 books in a year, Basmo encourages you to set these goals. Not only that, but the app also allows you to track your progress toward meeting them, which allows you to stay informed on how close you are to becoming the reader you want to be.

Basmo analyzes your reading sessions

Your efficiency is very important if you want to read a book a day. You need to pay attention to how many hours you spend reading every day, taking enough breaks throughout your reading sessions, and your reading speed.

Basmo tracks all these parameters automatically every time you start a reading session within the app. You can use the session timer to make sure you take breaks every hour, and you can analyze your daily performance in terms of speed in order to improve.

Basmo helps you schedule your reading sessions

As I mentioned, being organized is crucial if you want to read a book per day. Basmo encourages you to set a schedule for your reading, and you can select the exact times of day you want to reserve for reading every day.

You can select different times for every day and you are also going to be reminded of the upcoming reading sessions through gentle notifications.

Basmo is the best tool for organizing reading lists

The importance of a constantly updated reading list is huge for someone who is trying to read a book every day. You can’t waste any reading time struggling to find what to read next.

That is why using the personalized reading lists from the Basmo app is a great way to stay organized and prepared. You can easily create as many reading lists as you want, personalize them however you see fit, and populating or editing them is extremely easy and facile.

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Speed reading

Speed reading can be a great solution for those who want to read one book every day. This reading technique can be learned in time and requires a certain amount of effort to get a hang of it. But once you’ve learned it, you can benefit greatly from using it whenever you are in a hurry. One thing you need to know about speed reading is that it does affect comprehension to a certain extent. While you are still going to get the main ideas from the reading you are doing, you are not going to get the same experience as you would when reading normally. There will be no time left to enjoy the quality of the writing material. 

Bionic reading 

This reading technique, despite being a fairly newly developed one, has shown a lot of promise in study and focus groups. Bionic reading takes advantage of the way our brains fill in the gaps whenever we are reading. In bionic reading materials, certain letters of each word are written in bold and act as anchors for our eyes. Whenever we are reading bionic materials, we are actually only looking at the bolded letters and our brains fill in the gaps to complete the words. Through this method, we reduce the time it takes us to read certain texts and if you want to manage to read a book per day, you should definitely give it a shot.

Final thoughts

Reading a book a day is definitely not an easy task and it can be a huge challenge for most of us. But with determination, a correct mindset, and a great deal of motivation, we can all do it. Use Basmo to help you throughout the process and you will see how everything becomes fairly easier.

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