8 Best Apps that Recommend Books

Apps that Recommend Books

Finding your next book to read can be somewhat daunting. Here at Basmo, we know full well how much time is generally wasted by readers in between books while we try to figure out what we should read next. Not only is time too valuable to afford to waste any of it without having a book to read, but these pauses between books can be quite annoying and frustrating as well. 

That is why we came up with the idea of finding the absolute best book recommendation apps for you. These apps that recommend books can surely help minimize your wasted time between books and they are quite easy and fun to use. 

What is a book recommendation app?

As the name suggests, a book recommendation app is an app that suggests books. In other words, you can choose to use an app or a dedicated platform, input your preferences in terms of books, genres, or authors, and a special algorithm will constantly come up with recommendations based on your taste and reading goals.

Using technology to aid your reading habits and boost your performance is something we strongly recommend to anyone who is serious about becoming the best readers they can be.

What are the best apps that recommend books?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what book recommendation apps are, it’s time to see which ones are the best for your particular needs. Granted, there is quite a large number of apps available, so finding the best book recommendation app can be somewhat difficult. Luckily for you, we did some research so you don’t have to go through the trouble. 

Here are the best apps that recommend books.

1. Basmo

Basmo is a reading tracking app designed to cover as many needs as possible for the modern reader. We dedicated a lot of time and resources to developing the ultimate solution for any reader out there, designed to make each and every one of you the ultimate reading enthusiast. 

Basmo App

While Basmo is not a dedicated book recommendation app, it does come with a couple of curated lists destined to meet the expectations of all readers out there with particular preferences. You can use the “Discover” section of the Basmo website to access up-to-date, professionally made curated lists so you can easily find your next book to read.

What’s even more important is that on top of the book recommendations you can easily access, the Basmo app comes fully packed with a bunch of features engineered to enhance your reading experience and performance.

Basmo provides relevant information about your reading performance.

Improving your reading habits starts with the need to actually understand where you stand. Your current performance determines how you can improve it. With Basmo, you have access to a whole lot of data regarding your reading speed, the time you spend reading, and how well you maximize your potential during reading sessions. 

Basmo will make you a more organized reader. When it comes to mastering time management, the number one thing you should focus on is being more organized. Your reading habits are no different. And that is why Basmo comes with a built-in reading scheduler that allows you to structure your reading sessions. You can select the days of the week when you want to do some reading, different times for each separate day, and the app will even remind of you any upcoming reading sessions so you don’t miss any of them.

Basmo allows you to set clear reading goals.

Having clear goals is extremely important, regardless of the area of your life you want to improve. When it comes to reading, Basmo encourages you to set two different types of goals: a daily goal for the time you spend reading every day and a yearly goal for the number of books you want to go through by the time a year has passed. Your progress is automatically tracked and you are going to visualize it through interesting graphs.

You can create reading lists. Getting the best book recommendations means nothing unless you manage to actually remember all the books you are being recommended. With Basmo, you can easily create reading lists within the app, as many as you like. Not only that, but they can be easily personalized, updated, and populated. 

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2. Goodreads

Probably the most popular and commonly used platform for readers, Goodreads promotes its services as some of the best on the market when it comes to book recommendations. Granted, Goodreads has probably one of the biggest libraries, given its strong connection to Amazon.

Goodreads App

It offers some versatility, being available both as a web platform you can use from a laptop or PC and as an app for your Android or iOS devices. Sadly though, many users have complained in the past about the accuracy of the recommendations they receive and the efficiency of their book suggestion algorithm. Plus, both the website and the apps look and feel quite aged and aren’t as accessible and well-optimized as you would expect them to be.   

3. BookSloth

Another great solution comes under the name BookSloth. This is a user-friendly app that looks and works pretty well. It is available for iOS and Android users, and it can be quite an interesting way to discover some new books or genres that you will enjoy.

BookSloth App

The app uses your preferences and its own algorithm to constantly suggest new books for you to read. On top of this, you gain access to curated lists of titles that match your taste and you can also choose to use their social platform where you can join discussions with other members with the same reading preferences as you. 

You can review the books you read, which will also help other members decide whether that particular title is worth reading and will allow the algorithm to perfect its recommendations. On top of this, there are some fun in-app reading challenges you can enjoy.

4. Litsy

If the social aspect is important for you, you might want to also give Litsy a chance. Unlike many other apps that recommend books, Litsy doesn’t use an algorithm to suggest what you should read next. All their recommendations come from other people with similar reading preferences, curated lists, and real members. 

Litsy App

The human factor is an important one to consider. Litsy has a considerably large and active community and that can only mean that all the recommendations you will receive are going to make sense, will be relatable, and frankly, quite well-tailored. 

You can use Litsy to create reading lists and share them with the community or with friends or family. 

5. Inkitt

With a library of more than 100,000 titles, Inkitt can be a great solution for your book recommendation needs. Focused mainly on fiction, Inkitt promises to be able to suggest amazing titles to all users, regardless of how particular their reading preferences are.

Inkitt App

Inkitt comes with the added benefit of giving you a chance to even read the books you are recommended within the app, which works just as well on Android and iOS devices. 

6. Bookshelf

Bookshelf is a great app for reading enthusiasts. It allows users to create their own libraries, which makes it a great book cataloging app but also works well as a book suggestions platform. 

Bookshelf App

As soon as your library is up to date with your most beloved books, the app is going to start recommending other titles, and according to most of the users, the suggestions are generally spot on. It works well for fiction and non-fiction and also provides you with the possibility to read books within the app. 

7. Likewise 

While not exclusively dedicated to book lovers, Likewise is an app that promises to use advanced technology to recommend books, movies, podcasts, and TV shows based on users’ preferences. 

LikeWise App

It is user-friendly, accessible, available both as a website and app (for Android and iOS), and can become a very valuable resource. You can receive daily recommendations based on what the algorithm learns about you and that is a great way to constantly enrich your TBR list with titles you know you will love.

8. LibraryThing

With over 2 million users worldwide, LibraryThing is a great resource for readers. You can read for free within the app, you can use it to organize your own book collection, and you can constantly receive book recommendations based on your preferences. 

LibraryThing App

It is a social platform as well as a reading app, so you can easily join discussions, become part of the community, and receive actual recommendations from real people rather than an algorithm. The number of titles in their collection is tremendous, so your chances of finding new, amazing books are quite high.

What are the benefits of using a book recommendation app?

There are obviously quite a lot of benefits to using a book suggestion app. As readers, our biggest enemy is generally the time we waste, but that is just part of the story. Here are some of the most 

No wasted time between books

Any time spent without reading is a huge inconvenience and what usually keeps us from reaching our goals. Using an app for book recommendations can help us tremendously in optimizing the way we manage our time. Trying to figure out what our next book should be usually takes a while, especially if the last book we read was a particularly good one. 

Of course, there are many other ways to decide what to read next, but the most efficient one is by far using a recommendation app or platform. Taking advantage of the powerful algorithm behind the suggestion mechanism means that we are likely using a piece of technology that is quite advanced and is definitely more efficient than asking the bookstore staff for help. Similarly, spending some time in a record store and trying to choose your music based on the album covers and the seller’s recommendations is going to be far less efficient than allowing the Youtube algorithm to suggest the new tracks you should listen to. 

Cut your book hangovers short

 A book hangover can be quite a nasty experience. You’re struggling to get over the book you just finished, you miss the characters, the excitement of the action you just uncovered within that book a mere couple of days ago, and you feel like no other book will ever make you feel the same way again.

Well, getting over a book hangover is usually quite a similar process to getting over an ex. You need to get out there and try your luck again and again. Just like Tinder may help you find the right person to make you forget all about your ex, a good book recommendation app will help you find the next great thing to read. 

Discover new books

As readers, we tend to have very particular tastes and expectations when it comes to the books we read. While that is understandable and makes perfect sense, the sad truth is that it is also limiting our reading experience to a certain extent. Always going for the same author, genre, or type of book keeps us away from a huge variety of other titles that could potentially become our next favorites.

A book recommendation app will usually broaden the search for new books further than we would. The algorithm can perform searches in tenths of a second and has access to millions of titles and is, therefore, able to make connections between the books we already read with others that we could potentially like, even if that means exploring some books that we wouldn’t normally pick up in a bookstore.  

Final thoughts

Book recommendation apps are amazing little wizards who have the ability to make your reading experience a lot better. Choose Basmo if you are looking for a more complete solution to all your reading needs. Not only do you gain access to some amazing curated lists of recommended books for different niches and genres, but you will also considerably improve your reading habits in general.

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